Life The Universe and Everything

I suppose the most serious thread here arose from an article in The New Scientist about climate denial, science and Postmodernism. This started as a discussion based on this with a local discussion group called the Friday Room, and went on to the development of the idea of the mind universe

I have written some stuff about consciousness. This started with a conjecture about how it works. I had not made any sort of academic study about this so I had a very limited look at some backgroud and a specific response to the book “Being you” by Anil Seth.

Other Pages are about the nature of Inherited wisdom which I think makes the point that people’s mind universes in mediaeval times will be totally alien to todays with the change being to a large extent down to the technology of printing.

Another Page is about men’s needs.

I have also included a short story that I wrote some time ago. It was writing this that started me thinking about this whole thing in greater depth.