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Professor Branestawm by William Heath Robinson

Illustration of Professor Branestawm by William Heath Robinson, (who was my great uncle)

The thing is I like inventing things, I always have, and I still do. This is not a boast, and I do not claim to be good at it. During my working career some of my inventions got patents and a few generated useful intellectual property. Others are a bit ludicrous. Now it is just fun.

My inventions are in a great variety of subject areas for which I have rather variable degrees of qualifications. (I have the impression that this is not that unusual!)

The main topics that I would like to draw attention to are:

Note: 27/02/2022 I have temporarily disconnected a number of pages to check before opening them to search engines.

About this site

I hope you find some interesting ideas here. I would welcome relevant comments.

The site is itself a sort of invention. It is not social media, so I do not intend to publish comments automatically as seems to be normal on a chat sites, I am still busy working on it, I just hope I don’t get too many trolls (or those people that think the site is awesome!)

I have found in the past that it can be very useful to put an idea into words to a receptive listener, so you have already been useful by being part of an invisible audience. If you want to comment, please bear in mind that the process of invention requires a degree of suspension of judgement, so if you find anything laughable, I may be laughing with you.

If you spot an error then I would definitely like to know, particularly if you can quote references.

If you have had the same idea, congratulations, I would find that encouraging as it supports the view that the idea is a good one. If given a simple link to a clear description, I might give it a mention.

These days I am not particularly interested in claiming intellectual property rights, which means that any novel ideas originating from this site may be freely exploited. However, it would be nice to be recognised as the author.