Welcome to this site. I set it up some time ago as a platform to discuss various ideas of mine and I am currently (June 2020) in the process of rebuilding it, so it is in a bit of a muddle.

Apart from some details of my background there is not much personal stuff.

The main active topics are:

  • Advanced transport. A lot of the content is historical about my involvement in the MAIT project and what has followed. I have gone on from this to question the potential for carrying a passive load short distances on pallets with legs rather than wheels. My intention is to ask what is really needed in the post corona era.
  • The Writer Project. My ideas for the development of a one-hand chord style text input device
  • Internet tokens. A micropayments scheme intended specifically for trading internet content. It would be an efficient alternative to the use of advertising¬† (which I loathe).
  • PovRay. This is a nice ray-tracing graphics application which I am using to illustrate my transport ideas. I have added some useful stuff.
  • Various novel ideas. I have not applied for any sort of IP protection for these. By posting them here I am putting them into the public domain. This means that they may be freely exploited. However I reserve the right to be recognised as the author.
  • A better society. Including ideas for an Open Academy.
  • Life, the Universe, and Everything. Things I have written over the years for various reasons. Most notable is the introduction to a discussion on climate denial, postmodernism, and science.
  • Orbiters. Basically this is Science fiction. Based on ideas by Buzz Aldrin, what is needed for a healthy, long-term life in space?

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