Hi and welcome.

Professor Branestawm by William Heath Robinson

Illustration of Professor Branestawm by William Heath Robinson, (who was my great uncle)

The thing is I like inventing things, I always have and I still do. This is not a boast, and I do not claim to be good at it. During my working career some of my inventions got patents and a few generated useful intellectual property. Others are a bit ludicrous. Now it is just fun.

My inventions are in a great variety of subject areas for which I have rather variable degrees of qualifications. (I have the impression that this is not that unusual.)
This site is itself a sort of invention. It is not a chat site, I am still busy working on it and do not want to be distracted by trivial interruptions.

I have found in the past that it can be very useful to put an idea into words to a receptive listener, so you have already been useful by being part of an invisable audience but, if you want to comment, bear in mind that the process of invention requires a degree of suspension of judgement, so I am not just not interested in simple opinions, particularly if the site is found awesome. If you find anything laughable, remember that I may be laughing with you.

I am not interested in your or my recognition as such, so please confine any comments to things that are relevant and useful.

If you spot an error then I would definitly like to know, particularly if you can quote references.

If you have had the same idea, congratulations, I would find that encouraging as it supports the view that the idea is a good one. If given a simple link to a clear discription, I might give it a mention but I do not want to spend effort working things out. I am not now interested in claiming intellectual property rights, which means that any novel ideas originated from this site may be freely exploited. However I reserve the right to be recognised as the author.

The some active topics are:

  • The latest addition : A Magnesium Economy. This is an idea that, once stated, seems too obvious!
  • Advanced transport. (The links need a bit of sorting out.) A lot of the content is historical about my involvement in the MAIT project and what followed. I have gone on from this to question the potential for carrying a passive load short distances on pallets with legs rather than wheels. I am now thinking about what really needed in the post covid-19 era.
  • The Writer Project. My ideas for the development of a one-hand chord style text input device
  • Internet tokens. A micropayments scheme intended specifically for trading internet content. It would be an efficient alternative to the use of advertising which I suggest has a large environmental cost and argue is actually a sort of very inefficient and expensive currency.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries large enough to have application in traction. I need to update this with a strong case for a non-rechargeable Mg-air battery.
  • Life, the Universe, and Everything. Things I have written over the years for various reasons. Most notable is the introduction to a discussion on climate denial, postmodernism, and science. and the nature of consciousness