Outline of career

1965  BSc chemistry.
1965 – 1967 Fulmer Research Institute. Chemical research
1967 – 1989 STL in Harlow, Essex (more recently BNR Europe) for 24 years.  Much of this time was devoted to the development of silicon sensors and included the discovery of the boron etch stop which led to the invention of the silicon resonant pressure sensor.
1989 – 2003 Druck Ltd., Groby. Responsible for transferring the design and technology of silicon resonant pressure sensor to Druck, where it is now in production and is used, for example, in precision pressure controllers. Also involved in several LINK projects developing accelerometers and pressure sensors using the new microfabrication technology, optical pressure sensors and the application of ceramics to pressure sensors.
1997 elected FIEE
1998 awarded Callender Medal by Institute of Measurement and Control
About 70 patents related to sensors and silicon  micro-mechanical devices.
2003 Retired a year early. (Druck was acquired by GE in 2002)

Transport project
1998 Ideas for MAIT type system sufficiently coherent to start private communications.
2000 Began collaboration with Jörg Schweizer and registered MAIT International as a not-for-profit organisation. (I was vice president! It has now been closed)
2001 Organised meeting in Loughborough.
2002 Presented paper at Oxford symposium.
2005 Presented paper at Bologna conference.
2008 Prepared FP7 European funding proposal. (Not successful)

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